6 Reasons IT Certifications and Credentials are Vital to Your Career Development Strategy

6 Reasons IT Certifications and Credentials are Vital to Your Career Development Strategy - Cyber Career CoachAs Information Technology management practices change at a faster and faster rate, there is a growing gap between formal education and the technical and management skills required in today’s business environment.  Certification programs are designed to close this gap.  Those who have earned certification and credentials can provide documented, third-party verification of their experience that demonstrates their personal commitment to professional development.  Certifications and Credentials also serve as tangible indicators that you possess the necessary breadth and depth of knowledge and skills in a given technology, platform, or discipline.  Certification demonstrates not only that you possess specific skills and abilities necessary to carry out real work tasks, but that you can integrate industry standard practices into your work environment.  Those capabilities are of great value to employers.

There are many good justifications for the pursuit of IT Certifications, but I believe the following 6 reason are worth discussing in greater detail: Continue reading

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Finding a Work Life Balance

Cyber Career Coach - Finding a Work Life BalanceWhat’s the point of career success if work is your only activity? Well, I suppose if you’re one of the fortunate few whose day job consists of alpha- or beta-testing video games or your a champion in some extreme sports that might not apply to you. However, most of us haven’t yet figured out how to monetize our hobbies, and even if we have, making enough to actually live on might take some time.

There’s also the scenario where we truly love what we do for a living. In this case, work isn’t so much work, as it is progression towards the next goal or accomplishment. Anyone who happens to have responsibilities, must earn an income to that end, provided you don’t have a trust fund or haven’t won the lottery, in which case you probably wouldn’t be reading this in the first place! Continue reading

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Conducting a Self-Assessment

Who or What do you want to be when you grow up?

Conducting a Self-AssessmentI’m certain everyone has heard the Greek maxim “Know thyself.” But what does it mean to “know oneself?” Is this a widespread problem? Are there significant numbers of individuals walking around in the shoes of a stranger? Well, that’s probably a rotten example. Shoes (and other apparel) disappear from gym locker rooms all the time, but you get what I’m saying. Continue reading

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